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No delays. No Nonsense. At Pinnacle Capital Mortgage we make getting a mortgage loan easy!

Isn't it great how you can go to a car dealership, test drive a few cars, pick out the one you want, and drive it home that same day? You can't do that with a new house.

You need someone on your side when you're buying a home. Who makes sure you aren't doing paperwork you don't have to do. Who speeds up some of the steps you can't avoid. You need a "blocker," clearing the way of obstacles as you head toward your goal.

That's where we come in! Welcome to our website, where you'll find out how we make the process of qualifying, applying, and getting approved for a mortgage loan simpler than you ever imagined.

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When you've picked out your dream home, the paperwork and hoops to jump through with disclosures, appraisals, inspections, title insurance, escrow, notaries and more can be overwhelming.

Many people think their real estate agent will help them through a confusing mortgage process. Your real estate agent is looking out for you, no question about it. But it's your mortgage lender who wants almost all of those steps and all that paperwork.

We "run interference" with the mortgage lender who's going to make you your loan. We can't snap our fingers and make buying a home like buying a car, but we can make it easier and smoother. And we do!

Electronic filing of most required documents means it gets there faster and you get a decision faster. We've cut down on duplicated information, too -- give it to us once, our systems "remember" it so we don't ask again! And beyond our state-of-the-art technology, we have good old fashioned expertise in mortgage brokerage. We know the ins and outs. We do the heavy lifting for you -- saving you time and aggravation.

Navigate our website to learn how we make getting a loan easier and faster!

Today's Rates

Mtg Loan Rate APR
30-yr Fixed 4.1% 4.23%
15-yr Fixed 3.25% 3.42%
1-yr Adj 2.39% 2.97%
* national averages
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